About me


About me....

Where to begin?

I confess If I’d tried to describe myself a year ago, I wouldn’t know where to begin. The only thing I could tell you was, I was a crazy lady. Picture a very tall, middle aged lady, dressed in black (not a goth) who had a case of split personality.  One minute I could be having an emotional meltdown, dramatically declaring to anyone who would listen, no man loved me…….oh, the joy of internet dating.  Whilst the next minute, I could be running around with excitement after completing another cliche bucket list challenge.

......This was the start of my midlife crisis!

It felt like time was running out as I approached my fiftieth birthday. My head was active and my overthinking became rife……what have I achieved in life? Where have all these wrinkles come from? Could I borrow my daughter’s bodysuit without her knowing? I’ll stop there because I could keep going!

IMG_E7108 (1)

Now more than a year later (and probably not wiser), I’m hoping anyone going through a midlife crisis will read my posts and, like myself, see that it’s not all bad, in fact it could be an excuse to have fun. Because when I finally ran out of steam, I realised all I wanted from life was to be happy and enjoy myself…..after all life’s too short and too serious.


I carried out having a mad time with my bucket list. Here a just a few things....

• Write a book
• Learning how to knit
• Hold snakes
• Climb the O2
• Learn to Salsa
• Take singing lessons
• Zip Wiring
• Have a tattoo


So that’s me, a crazy lady going through a crazy crisis, and I’m pleased to say I have come out on the other side relatively unscathed.

I’m so excited to start sharing many of my experiences with you. In return, I would love to hear from you fellow midlifers with your bucket list challenges or anything you've learnt during the crazy midlife crisis era………….xx

One final thing, I thought I would end with a very wise saying......