One, two, tee off


Golf was never a sport I'd taken an interest in let alone trying it myself. But It was on a Sunday afternoon when me and my other half Paul were at a loose end, we decided to go along to a local driving range to hit some balls (I'm sure that's not the technical term)? The afternoon turned out to be surprisingly fun and full laughter - mainly at my awful attempts at hitting the balls.


man in blue t-shirt and gray shorts playing golf during daytime
man in red long-sleeved top golf


Up until then, I always thought golf was an elitist game which was boorrrring!

I imagined rich men wearing Rupert the Bear trousers (for those who remember that far back), who would meet up with pals at an exclusive golf club, with exclusive prices just to socialise and to escape 'her' indoors.

But as usual, I'm never too proud to admit when I'm wrong (sadly that's a lot of the time)!

Anyway, Paul noticing how much I enjoyed it asked if I wanted to have a lesson with his Pro golf coach Warren. Fast forward a week and I found myself standing at Golf club in Essex, ready for my first lesson.

Was I a natural...?, sadly not. However, I instantly warmed to Warren who put me at ease straight away. After having an initial chat (about golf, not just generally), he asked me if I could show him how I hit the ball without any tips or guidance from him. He could gage how I held the club, my posture and my swing.

Hmm, I was slightly nervous I would do something silly like throw my golf club when I went to hit the ball, but I went along and did as I was instructed...

I must admit, I was relieved to hit the ball but it was clear I had a lot to learn, before being released onto the course.  Apparently, your knees should be bent and your upper body leaning slightly over the ball. Your feet should shoulder length apart and the ball should be positioned in the middle of your stance.

Golf Man Golfer Sport Golfing  - u_18g8wob1 / Pixabay

Next thing we talked about was how to hold the club. It's vital to get this correct...if you hold it wrong, you will not get very far.

There are two types of grip; overlapping and interlocking grip.  The overlapping seems to be the most popular of the two.

Warren went through my posture and handling of the club and I was ready to go!


Blooper alert...a Freudian slip escapes my lips before I can stop it, so turn the volume down if you don't want to hear a swear word!

Ok, so the first swing wasn't the best but I was quite pleased with the second. After a few more attempts, I was pleased to find I was thoroughly enjoying the lesson and would quite happily have another go in the future - just maybe not at this golf range after the swearing incident!

A few random facts:

  • There is a National Womens Golf day and this year it is celebrated on June 1 2021.

  • In 1967, Astronaut Alan Bartlett 'Al' Shepard Jr performed a one-handed swing into the moons low gravity atmosphere

  • Golf can actually be a good exercise, burning on average 431 calories per hour (providing you're walking and not in a golf buggy)

  • Until 17th Century golf balls were made of wood

  • The Ladies Professional Golf Association or LPGA was formed in 1950.

Mrs Woods in the making?

...Who knows?

It was such a fun, (if somewhat cold day), but I'm sure in the future I'll be found knocking the balls about again.  The difference this time, I will feel more at home knowing the basics.

Thank you for reading another post and as always....have fun, stay safe and enjoy xx