Starting small……


Are you approaching a milestone birthday? Have wrinkles appeared on your face left, right and centre? Are you wearing leather clothes or borrowing your daughters bodysuits…..worse still wearing leather bodysuits?

Welcome to my life, oh and by the way, you could be facing a midlife crisis!


For my first blog post, I wanted to start small sharing one of my early skills I learnt……knitting! Now, this is no longer seen as something to do for the over 90’s, watching Coronation Street sucking on your sherbet lemons. I can vouch for that. It’s a craft for anyone and any age, it’s easy to do and there are many YouTube videos to teach you if you’re an absolute novice like I was. I came across an amazing little find, Wool Couture Company which is where my interest in knitting was piqued. My love affair with knitting didn’t start small though, Oh, no! I went for these massive oversized needles! I mean, wow! And amazingly, these aren’t even the largest!


As for the yarn, I fell in love with the Merino yarn. What can I say about it apart from, it’s expensive, but it has the softest, fluffiest feel and the pretty colours available are to die for…….who wouldn’t want their room surrounded with these sumptuous throws and cushions? Or if you’re looking for something quick and easy to start with using wool… about pom poms? How amazing would they look on a beanie?

Wool Couture Company

What I particularly enjoyed about knitting was how soothing it was, especially if you’re like me and suffering from anxiety or an overthinking, something that midlife crisis can bring out.

Even better still, if you don't have needles, Watch Wool Couture Company's video on arm knitting and see how easy it is.

I've still got a lot to learn with knitting, and my specimens have a little way to go for perfection, but I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and like everything I’ve tried throughout my midlife bucket challenges, is to try my best. There is someone who loves my attempt at knitting……my beautiful little dog, Poppy. Here she is taking pride of place on her very own shaggy cushion.


Thank you for bearing with me on my first blog post…’s another new skill I’m learning! xx

Wool Couture Company